Smart Homes for Smart Homeowners

By Julie Roberts

Most Americans probably wouldn’t dream of living without our smartphones, but many of us still don’t know very much about smart homes and how they can simplify our lives. To determine if the smart home options are right for you, ask yourself this question:  Do you like the idea of having the ability to control all your home devices with your phone, tablet, or PC? If that sounds appealing, a smart home might be perfect for your lifestyle. Here are a few things that owners of smart homes appreciate about their high-tech abodes:

Cooking like a pro

We have all relied on machines in the kitchen for a long time, and now we have new smart options to make our cooking processes even more streamlined. Digitally-controlled appliances include precision cookers, electric smokers, fryers, and food scales. Even the traditional crockpot has received a smart-technology makeover; by checking on an app on your phone, you can adjust your smart crockpot’s cooking time, temperature, and settings. If you sometimes forget to turn off your oven, you might want to investigate a smart oven with a self-regulating off/on function.

Helping with the kids

If you have children, then you know that parents can use all the assistance they can get. Fortunately, stressed moms and dads can take advantage of the numerous smart devices that will make it easier to care for their little ones. To monitor and pacify the babies, parents can rely on app-connected baby monitors, video cameras, and cradles. To amuse the older kids, parents can activate smart TVs, home theaters, and portable Bluetooth speakers. And don’t forget about the smart home options for pets! Your feline friends will appreciate the self-cleaning litter box and automatic pet feeder, and the dogs will love a self-filtering water fountain and electronic pet door.

Ensuring home security

You can connect your smart home security system to your home Wi-Fi system, which gives you the ability to monitor your home from your phone – even when you’re gone. The security systems can include door and window sensors, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, and automatic door locks. You can even find systems that monitor smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to cover all your bases.

Doing the chores

Are you tired of tedious housekeeping tasks? With all the smart home options available, your workload can be much simpler. Robotic vacuums work well for homes with a lot of carpet, and robotic mops and floor dusters are great for homes with hardwoods and other hard-surface floors. If you’re really sold on innovative cleaning options, you should seek out the automatic shower cleaners and rain gutter cleaners that will take away even more dirty work from your schedule. When the summer comes, you might want to invest in a robotic lawn mower with an automatic mulching system.

Enhancing quality of life

If you are just looking for a little bit of luxury and comfort, you can choose the smart home functions that make our lives just a little bit easier. Do you have trouble sleeping? Then you might enjoy a smart bed, complete with app-controlled options to adjust mattress firmness that will accommodate even the fussiest sleepers. Some smart beds on the market will even monitor your heart rate, breathing, and movements. Or maybe you are just looking for a little help with your everyday tasks? Then you’re in luck – there are several voice-controlled assistant options available. With just a quick command, you can ask your assistant to adjust the thermostat, purchase a household item, or simply answer your spelling and grammar questions.