Water is your future

By Linda Townes, Conservation Garden Park

Conservation Garden Park is hosting its fourth annual Party in the Park today from 4 to 7 p.m. Not only will we have our popular butterfly release, but since the Garden is all about water-thrifty landscapes, we decided to talk about water in Utah and how your future could be impacted by this precious resource.

Utah population projections are a moving target, and water planning can take 50 years or longer. Every new water project that’s undertaken must go through a litany of challenges, including environmental review, needs studies, planning, pipeline location planning & acquisition, funding, etc.

It’s easy to take water for granted—some of us have never experienced not having water come out when we turn the tap. It’s always there, on demand, any time of day or season. Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, parent company of Conservation Garden Park, plans for and delivers this water every single day.

But Utah’s population growth isn’t slowing down, and we’re responsible for providing water to about a million people every single day. This is a huge responsibility, and we want to share with you some of the ways we work to bring you this life-giving liquid, so our party this year will include lots of water-themed elements to showcase some of the things we as your water providers do.


Tours of largest-inland reverse osmosis drinking water treatment plant. This treatment facility was built to clean up groundwater contamination produces 7 million gallons of water daily. Tours will teach you about the technology and reasons for this plant.

Different waters taste different. Have you ever visited out of state or even out of town and wondered why their water tasted so bad? We’re lucky that in Utah our water sources are near pristine. Taste three different water sources and see which you prefer.


Most people never think about what it takes to keep hundreds of miles of water pipelines maintained and functioning safely. Jordan Valley Water employees will talk about the different pipes they work on year-round and tell you some stories that will amaze you!

What is a “cross connection” and how could one harm your health? People everywhere inadvertently make cross connections that could harm not only their families, but their whole neighborhood. See what they are and how you can avoid them.

The importance of water planning:

Water planning takes decades, and is not a simple process, but without it, growth of any kind could not happen in our wonderful state. While conservation is our first, vital approach to using water in the best way possible, it will only get us so far. Future planning by water agencies will include developing new sources at some point. The price of being wrong about our needs is too great, and not planning for a robust future would be irresponsible.  We strive to provide the highest-quality water to our customers and hope you’ll join us at this year’s Party in the Park so you can learn some of the ways we do just that!