Three Reasons to Visit the Conservation Garden Park

By: Cynthia Bee, Conservation Garden Park

We’ve heard many people in the know describe the Conservation Garden Park as “Utah’s best kept landscape secret” or a “hidden gem”— but we promise, we’re not trying to be a secret. We appreciate it when you stop by or tell your friends and family about the Garden, especially if they’re planning a landscape project. Below are our top three reasons to plan a visit to the Conservation Garden Park, but there are certainly many more.

Plant Selection

Choosing the right plants for your yard and combining them attractively can be challenging. Conservation Garden Park is home to more than 1,000 different types of plants, all of which perform well in northern Utah. As you venture through the Garden, you’ll see pleasing plant combinations that can be copied for your own yard. All the plants in the Garden are clearly labeled to make identification simple.

PRO TIP: The best time to visit the Garden is when your own landscape is in a bit of a lull. We have lots of options that are blooming at exactly the right time to fill the gaps in your yard. Take notes or snap photos with your phone as you see plants you like, and you’ll know exactly which varieties to look for at your local garden center.

Several ways to Learn

The Garden will host more than 50 classes and tours in 2019, with each intended to help homeowners solve specific landscaping challenges. Our classes help you plan, design, implement and/or maintain a landscape that works for you — and for Utah. Whether you’re installing a new yard, overhauling an existing landscape, or simply improving your yard one project at a time, we’ve got you covered.

Most of our classes take place in our state-of-the-art education center and are lecture-style courses. However, we’ve been adding an increasing number of hands-on classes for those who prefer to learn by observing, or even participating. And, if you aren’t into formal group activities, no problem. The Garden is filled with signage that teaches the key concepts, so you can learn as you wander.

Family Fun

The Garden is one of the few family recreation opportunities that won’t break the bank. Admission is FREE. It’s going to be a long summer: so, grab the kids, bring a picnic and enjoy this garden oasis in the middle of the city. Conservation Garden Park is a stop on Salt Lake County’s “ZAP Kids Summer Passport” program, designed to keep kids busy and learning all summer long. Join the passport program at and be sure to collect your stamp while you’re at the Garden.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, ready to begin a new landscape project, or just want to enjoy the unique beauty of Utah, make time to stroll the Conservation Garden Park this season — bet you can’t come just once!

Conservation Garden Park is located at 8275 S. 1300 W. in West Jordan. Summer hours are 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday-Saturday. While we don’t allow scooters, rollerblades or bikes inside the Garden, it is wheelchair accessible and dog-friendly.