No-Mow Lawn Ideas

If the idea of mowing your lawn in the 100 degree heat of July is unappealing, you may wish to consider a no-mow lawn.  No-mow lawns are made up of grasses that are naturally small-statured, but can still endure light to heavy foot traffic depending upon type. Here are a few options to consider:

Buffalo Grass

Use: Best for full sun areas with moderate to heavy foot traffic.

Growth Habit: Buffalo Grass is a warm season grass that prefers to be green in the hot summer months.  The downside is that it will be dormant in early spring and fall when the traditional Bluegrass (a cool season grass) is at its peak. Growing just 4-6” tall, mowing is not required but can be done once per month if a more manicured look is desired. Spreads by running roots which enables it to fill in more quickly than clump-forming lawn types.

Planting: Grow from plugs available locally or online.  Once established, Buffalo Grass will require 1/3 as much water as a bluegrass lawn.  Water once per week.

Dog Tuff® Grass

Use: Best for full sun areas and can withstand heavy use.  Though it is derived from the same plant family as Bermuda grass, this sterile hybrid will not reseed around your property.  Dog Tuff offers the additional advantage of being resistant to dog urine and unlike traditional bluegrass lawn, it happily thrives on slopes.

Growth Habit: Naturally grows to just 2 ½ to 4” tall and spreads by root runners.

Planting: Grow from plugs available locally or online.  This new introduction is from Denver-based Plant Select® and very specific planting and maintenance information is on their website.  Dog Tuff is a warm season grass that is less attractive in the spring and fall but makes up for that by enduring the harsh heat of summer without complaint.  Water once per week.

Bio-Meadow® Grass

Use: Equally happy in full sun or light shade, this blend of fine fescue types can handle light to moderate foot traffic.

Growth Habit:  Bio-Meadow is a cool season grass that’s happiest in spring and fall.  It grows 9-12”tall but may be trimmed shorter with a string trimmer or mowed. At the Conservation Garden Park, we mow it to keep it low.

Planting: Available as either seed or sod from local supplier, Bio-grass Sod Farms.  It is a clump forming grass that may require reseeding from time to time if damage occurs.  Water just a couple of times per month.

Blue Zinger Sedge

Use: Best for dry shade areas which will get little foot traffic.  Informal appearance.

Growth Habit: A mostly-evergreen, clump-forming grass that grows 8-12” inches tall and wide.

Planting: Grow from small plants or plugs in a grid formation. Water with in-line drip irrigation (preferred) or overhead spray.

Visit the Conservation Garden Park to see these no-mow lawn types as well as other lawn-alternative groundcovers.  We showcase the above grasses and other lawn options for Utah and provide water use data for each so you can make the best selection for your landscape based on your lifestyle and needs. We’re open Monday-Saturday, 8am – 8pm.  8215 South 1300 West, West Jordan, Utah.