Localscapes® Rewards

By Courtney Brown, Conservation Garden Park

Localscapes Rewards is a rebate program  available to eligible homeowners who install a complete front yard and/or back yard landscape that meets Localscapes requirements. Localscapes is a landscaping approach designed to create yards that thrive in Utah while simplifying the landscaping process through a basic 5-step approach (central open shape, gathering areas, activity zones, paths, and planted beds).  Adhering to this approach ensures best landscaping practices are applied and result in beautiful, Utah-friendly yards that require less water and maintenance. Details can be found at  Localscapes.com .

The Localscapes Rewards program is provided by Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District for homeowners within their service area. Visit UtahWaterSavers.com to see if you are eligible and to apply for a Reward. If Rewards aren’t available in your area, you can still benefit from applying the principles of Localscaping, including increased curb appeal, lower maintenance, water efficiency, simplified irrigation, and increased yard functionality.

So how do you get the Reward? First, go to UtahWaterSavers.com, set up an account, and complete the online application for Localscapes Rewards. You will be asked to upload photos of the area you plan to include in your project. The Reward applies to single-family residential landscape projects including both new installations and retrofitting existing landscapes. You will also be asked to provide details, including the square footage of your landscaping project and which areas of your yard (front yard and/or back yard) are part of your landscaping project. The most important part of your application is the landscape plan, which you will also be asked to provide in your online application. And lastly, you will be required to attend a one-time class called Localscapes University, held at Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan. The class is vital to help you understand what is required for a Localscapes Reward and for a successful Localscape project, regardless of whether you apply for a Reward or not. Register for Localscapes University, or other classes you may be interested in, at ConservationGardenPark.org.

After you submit your online application, your landscape plan will be reviewed by a Localscapes technician who will estimate your rebate amount and ensure your project meets Localscapes requirements. If it doesn’t, you will be given suggestions on what to change on the plan. It doesn’t matter if your plan is hand drawn by you, or if it is professionally designed and drawn by a landscape designer. For purposes of the Reward, it is not necessary to identify every plant in your design. The most important thing is that the design clearly shows what type of landscaping, such as lawn, hardscape, or planter beds, will be included in your project area.

When your Localscapes project is complete, log back into your Utah Water Savers account and submit pictures of your completed project. You will be asked to make an appointment for a final site visit. A technician will then measure and inspect your new localscape and approve your Reward. Don’t be intimidated. It’s worth the effort!

To see how beautiful Localscapes are, visit localscapes.com. There you’ll also find partners who can help you with your project if you’re not into doing landscaping projects yourself.