Localscapes: Landscape Learning for Homeowners

By Cynthia Bee, Conservation Garden Park

Utah is different—our climate, weather, precipitation and even culture are unique from other parts of the country. So, it only makes sense that in order to grow well, our landscapes need to be different too. Unfortunately, most landscape books and design styles were created for climates dramatically different from ours. And though letting the design styles that work in New England, the Pacific Northwest, or Southern California dictate the way we landscape in Utah may not be logical, it’s what we’ve been doing.  Until now.

Localscapes® is a new landscape design style created specifically for Utah and was formulated to address some of the most common landscape wants and concerns of Utah homeowners. The benefits of a Localscape include:

  • High curb appeal
  • Increased privacy
  • Designed for Utah
  • Functional yard space
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Simplified irrigation
  • Water efficient
  • Can be installed in phases
  • Achievable with any budget

Whether you are planning to install a new yard, completely remodel an existing landscape or just undertake landscaping projects one at a time, the Localscapes method can help you achieve a yard that works for you and thrives in Utah.

Free resources to help you improve your landscape can be found on localscapes.com.  If you plan to hire professional help, there is an ever-growing list of Localscapes partners including professionals who can help you through the process of landscape design, installation, and maintenance.  You’ll also find Localscapes retail partners who offer landscape materials and plants that are ideal for Utah’s climate. Check back often as the list of qualified, trained partners is being updated frequently.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, Localscapes can help you too. Free and low-cost classes are available at multiple locations throughout Utah. The Localscapes classes are taught in a series beginning with Localscapes 101, a one-hour introductory course that provides an overview of the Localscapes method.  Localscapes University builds upon the basic 101 class and delves into more detail about how to go about “localizing” your landscape. The Localscapes Design Workshop and the Localscapes Irrigation Workshop are available to homeowners who’ve completed the previous courses but want more help learning how to implement the principles in their specific yards. In the design workshop, attendees will create a landscape plan for their own yards under the guidance of professional landscape designers.  The irrigation workshop is a hands-on class that teaches homeowners how to install efficient irrigation using real irrigation parts.

Check out Localscapes.com to find a class near you, download free plans, and access expert landscape advice. You can also follow Localscapes on Facebook for timely tips and advice to help you succeed in your Utah yard.  http://facebook.com/localscapes.