Learn to Localscape

By Cynthia Bee, Conservation Garden Park

When our team created the Localscapes method, we thought we may have found a simple way to teach complex landscape concepts to Utah homeowners who are already overwhelmed with their yards. We hoped you’d find it helpful, and that the classes would be well-attended. We could not have imagined …

Online Learning

Utahns have grabbed hold of the Localscapes method with both hands and snagging a seat in our in-person courses before they fill up can be difficult — especially this time of year. To make the information accessible to all, we’ve created an online, on-demand Introduction to Localscapes course. Now you can learn the basics at home, in your pajamas, whenever you like. The course is just 45 minutes, and it’s packed with information you need to improve the quality of your Utah yard.

The online class is appropriate for those installing new landscaping, making major changes to an existing yard, or simply working on one landscape project at a time. Students will learn the basic 5-step method, and how it can resolve some of the most persistent problems. The class will change the way you view your yard, so you’ll be able to spot potential problems and adjust as needed.

That said, it is simply an introductory course — we won’t cover everything you need to know to physically make the changes — but it is a great place to start. The class is offered for a small $5 fee, but those who are willing to complete a short survey about their current yard will receive a code to take the class for free.

This season, our team will be creating more online courses and how-to videos filled with the detailed information you need to change, or better manage, your Utah landscape. Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest. You’ll find us (and lots of great bonus content) on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

In-person classes

We continue to teach as many homeowners as we can in traditional classes. We’ve expanded our teaching team to include instructors in different parts of the state to better serve the public. In-person courses are taught at the Weber Basin Learning Garden in Layton, Central Utah Water Conservancy District in Orem, and Washington County Water Conservancy District in St. George. Outreach courses for larger groups are taught in a wider range of locations on a limited basis as well.

Rebates and rewards

Now that the Utah Water Savers program is offering landscape-related rebates and rewards, Localscaping is attracting even more homeowners who wish to make improvements. These incentive programs are funded by local water providers, so program offerings vary based on provider participation. Create an account at utahwatersavers.com to find rebates and rewards available for making Localscapes-style upgrades to your yard.

Utah landscapes are changing. The Localscapes method provides a way for us to retain the landscape look most Utahns prefer while using 60% less water.

Sound too good to be true? Take the free online class and judge for yourself! localscapes.com/classes

For more information on how to make your landscape Utah friendly, visit conservationgardenpark.org or Localscapes.com. Want some money for making changes? Visit utahwatersavers.com.