Get cash for installing your dream landscape — and more

By Amanda Strack, Conservation Garden Park

With spring approaching and the snow melting away to expose our winter-weary landscapes, thoughts of yard work are happening more frequently. Thankfully, there are programs to help homeowners with landscape planning and irrigation systems, and even rebates to encourage water conservation. When it comes to rebates most people think of energy or gas, but why not water?

Start thinking about water districts when it comes to rebates. The State of Utah and Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District are offering rebates on water-conserving devices, and Jordan Valley Water offers several water-efficient landscaping incentives to residents within their service area. All these rebates and incentives are available at

One of the programs available at Utah Water Savers is a free landscape consultation. A consultation will help you get your irrigation system programmed correctly and running efficiently for the entire season. Even if you don’t get a consultation, keep in mind that with all the snow and rain we have been receiving, we will no doubt experience a beautifully green spring and not need to turn on our irrigation systems for another month or more.

During a consultation, our staff will visit your home and go through your irrigation system, one zone at a time, taking note of any problems and reviewing with you the best ways to correct them. We can also help program your irrigation controller, with both times and days per week to water. If we find an area in your landscape that is 250 square feet or larger, that could easily be changed to drip irrigation, we will provide the materials you’ll need to begin that change. After your consultation, a report, including short- and long-term solutions for your landscape, will be generated for your reference.

If making changes in your landscape feels overwhelming and confusing, visit to find classes to help you with the process. There is a landscape design concept called Localscapes, that was created specifically to simplify the process of landscape planning.

The Conservation Garden Park is a free garden where waterwise landscaping is the main goal. You can visit throughout the year to get plant inspiration or to attend a class or event. There are Work and Learn classes where you can get hands-on experience making changes that will benefit your landscape — make your mistakes here with us.

There are also Immersive Learning classes where the instructor will perform landscaping tasks and answer any questions you may have about those tasks. If there’s a specific problem you have with your irrigation or landscape design, there are workshops available to walk you through those processes as well.

Additional programs include rebates on smart irrigation controllers and toilets installed before 1994. JVWCD is offering rebates for lawn removed from park strips, and for the installation of a Localscape. If you plan on taking steps toward water conservation in your home, be sure to take advantage of the available rebates to make these steps easier.

There are many resources available to homeowners looking for some landscaping help. We hope you’ll use them.

Our Localscapes website contains lots of free resources for homeowners. Check it out at