2019 Garden Expansion

By Shaun Moser, Conservation Garden Park

Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan has changed and expanded several times throughout the almost 20 years it has been open to the public. Last year construction began on one of our biggest expansions to date, which includes three exhibits and will open later this year.

If you have visited or driven by the Garden recently you probably noticed construction of a very cool modern-looking building. This is the centerpiece of our new Localscapes® exhibit. Designed to look like a house, this open-air pavilion sits in the middle of a quarter-acre residential landscape that includes all the elements of a Localscape. In this residential landscape you will find a Central Open Shape of lawn in the front and back yards, showing the proper amount of lawn for a Localscape. Also included in the exhibit are Gathering Areas (front and back patios), Activity Zones (vegetable garden and children’s play set), Paths, and beautiful Planting Beds.

This new exhibit not only gives Utah residents a concrete visual idea of what a Localscape looks like in real life, but it also allows them to experience it first-hand. It can be difficult to translate landscape designs or photos on paper to an actual landscape. With this exhibit we hope to help with this. Visitors can now see how a plan directly translates to real life. In addition to walk-throughs, we will also be able to teach classes in the exhibit on subjects like planting, maintenance, and design principles.

The two other exhibits under construction are on either side of the Localscapes exhibit and are showcase Park Strips and Pollinator spaces among Pathways. Waterwise park strips save homeowners water and headaches, increase their home’s curb appeal, and they are becoming a huge trend in Utah. The Park Strip exhibit will have eight real-life examples of different park strips. Each has its own unique style and plant pallet. You are sure to find one that fits your personal taste. The Pollinator/Pathway exhibit will teach visitors about the importance of pollinators while they follow six different paths throughout beautiful, pollinator-friendly plantings.

The main construction phase of these exhibits is almost complete. Conservation Garden Park’s horticulturists will install all the new plants. This is a big undertaking for our staff, but something we are very excited about. Water conservation and plants are our passion, so this is a labor of love for us. Hopefully that passion and love will shine through in the completed exhibits.

If you are a regular visitor to the garden or have never been before, we hope these new exhibits will inspire you to create your own water efficient landscape that works for you. If you are currently installing or planning a Localscape, come visit these new exhibits later this year to get more inspiration for your project. If you have never been to the Garden before we hope you visit soon to learn more about the best way to landscape in Utah: Localscapes.

Plan to visit us at the Conservation Garden Park this season and find more information online at conservationgardenpark.org.